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action cameras: sjcam vs gopro

SJCAM Vs. GoPro, which one do you think is better? If you’re a sports fanatic, or otherwise a fan of outdoor activities, chances are you’ve heard of both these action cameras. But which of the two is the best?

GoPro and SJCAM are both highly reputable action camera manufacturers with a ton of different products on the market. GoPro seems to be the current favorite action camera company of the masses, with its ever-popular Hero and Fusion flagship models. SJCAM, on the other hand, is a newer company making waves in the industry with their SJ6 and SJ7 action cameras, as well as their SJ8 Series professional action cameras.

So, out of SJCAM Vs. GoPro, which is better? We decided to find out.

Action Cameras

action cameras

Action cameras are compact cameras that generally attach to clothing or affixed to one sort of mount or another. Typicaly built to handle a beating, as certain types of action may get a bit rough, action cameras are also usually waterproof, or at least come with a waterproof housing. Action cameras are most associated with extreme sports such as skydiving, snowboarding, skateboarding and more.


The SJCAM Vs. GoPro comparison should settle the question of which one of these industry titans is the true king of action cameras once and for all. To be as thorough as possible, we’ll be looking at every aspect possible for each of these brands including how many cameras they offer, available features, differences between flagship models, price ranges, warranty options, and accessories.


Original SJCAM SJ4000 Air 4K Wi-Fi Action Camera 16MP Waterproof DV...
  • 【100% 4K HD Action Camera】: Provides 4K/30FPS, 2.7K/30FPS, 1080P/60FPS, 1080P/30FPS and 720P/120FPS Video...
  • Comes with a waterproof case and is waterproof up to 30 m. You can take video or photos controlled by an iPad above...
  • Built-In WiFi wireless module: effective distance up to 3-5meters, apply on your phone or tablet, easily record videos...

The SJCAM brand is an emerging leader in the action camera industry. Always evolving and developing new products to satisfy the demands of the market, SJCAM prides itself on creating and supporting high-quality cameras. The company uses nothing but the highest quality components for their products and has an eye for even the smallest details. Fully committed to their customers, SJCAM frequently releases new firmware upgrades for SJCAM owners.


As a newcomer to the action camera market, SJCAM has had their work cut out for them. Competing with powerhouse action camera manufacturers such as GoPro, SJCAM cameras come with several top-notch features. Most notably, their flagship model, the SJ8 PRO, comes with a 12MP (megapixels) Sony IMX377 image sensor as well as an Ambarella H22 S85 chipset. Video resolution on SJCAM products peaks at 4K 60fps (frames per second) footage and still image resolutions of as high as 12MP. Display sizes range from 1.5-inch button operated menu screens to just under 2.5-inch touchscreens. SJCAM action cameras also come with other advanced features such as built-in image stabilization, extended-life lasting batteries, and compatibility with a versatile range of mounts and accessories.

Cameras available

SJCAM is one of the biggest up and coming names in the action camera industry. Aside from GoPro, there aren’t many brands offering such a diverse range of products. SJCAM currently produces 4K action cameras, budget action camera, 360-degree cameras, professional action cameras, dash cams, and body cams.

4K action cameras

SJCAM currently produces five 4K action cameras.

No products found.

Budget action cameras

360 cameras


SJCAM produces dash and body cams as well.

No products found.

Professional action camera

This professional action camera is the SJCAM flagship:

  • SJ8 PRO
SJCAM SJ8 Pro 4k Action Camera WiFi Digital Ultra Full HD with...
  • 4K Ultra HD camera, equipped with SONY IMX377 recording native 4K/60PFS video and 12MP photos. shoot more wonderful...
  • USB Type-C connector, faster transfer than all previous models with external Mic-support. 1200mAh high capacity battery,...
  • Supports RAW format, you can save image files in lossless format, more convenient for post-editing, Makes it easier to...

Flagship model

The SJ8 Pro is the current flagship model of SJCAM, a 12MP action camera capable of recording video in 4K at 60fps. The SJ8 Pro comes with plenty of high-end features such as six-axis image stabilization, time lapse, touch screen display, manual settings and more. It has a high-quality camera body with a screw mount built-in and a battery with a long-life. Downsides of the SJCAM’s flagship model action camera include poor sound and image quality when using the waterproof housing and a lack of such a dynamic range and vivid colors as GoPro HERO6 or GoPro HERO7.


SJCAM has a load of acessories available on the market. Many third-party GoPro mounts and other camera acessories also work with SJCAM products. Mounts, harnesses, chargers, memory cards and waterproof housings are among the most widely used SJCAM acessories.


GoPro Hero — Waterproof Digital Action Camera for Travel with Touch...
  • 2 inch touch screen: Quickly switch between modes, frame; The perfect shot and check out your footage on the 2 inch...
  • Waterproof + durable built tough and waterproof down to 33 feet (10 meter), Hero goes where your smartphone can't to...
  • Voice control:​ Control your Hero hands free with simple voice commands like “GoPro, start recording” and...

The GoPro brand was first launched back in 2002 by Nick Woodman. GoPro is responsible for revolutionizing the action camera industry. Since developing their iconic HERO cameras over a decade ago, the brand has gone on to successfully developing editing software, apps, and other product lines such as Fusion and the Karma drone. GoPro is undeniably one of the most beloved action camera producers in the world.


GoPro cameras come with some seriously impressive specs. A few of the most significant features of the latest GoPro cameras include WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, touchscreen displays with voice command options as well as the abilities to shoot upside-down and in up to 33 feet of water without any additional housings or cases. Video resolution of newer GoPro cameras is 4K60, 2.7K120, 1440p120, 1080p240. The latest GoPro cams also come with state-of-the-art built-in image stabilization, batteries with a long lifespan, and dual MP4 and H.264/H.265 video recording formats. It is safe to say that most action cameras even close to the GoPro's price range are somewhat lacking in comparison.

Cameras available

GoPro is no doubt one of the hottest action camera brands in recent history. The intuitive company has several extreme products available for purchase online. All of their cameras record high-resolution videos as well as detailed still images in burst mode. Newer GoPros are waterproof, and there is waterproof housing available for older models which aren’t water resistant. There are currently five signature GoPro cameras on the market:

4K action cameras

Flagship model

The most current flagship model of the GoPro empire is the HERO7 Black. The camera is built more stringent than ever before and is now waterproof for up to 33 feet without extra waterproof housing. It comes with SuperPhoto, GPS, HDR, HyperSmooth Video, and connectivity to Facebook Live. HERO7 Black records 4K60 1080p240 video footage and takes 12MP still photos in burst mode. Additional noteworthy upgrades from older versions include touchscreen controls, 16 voice commands for hands-free control, as well as 8x slow motion. It also gives you the capability of live streaming.


One of the things that helped make the GoPro brand so successful is the number of high-quality accessories that the company developed for use with their action cameras. Some of the most popular GoPro accessories on the market include mounts, housings, batteries, chargers, and harnesses for helmets, chests, waists, handlebars and more. There are also many GoPro Apps which are useful for both controlling the camera and viewing and editing previously recorded footage.

SJCAM Vs. GoPro Step-by-Step Comparison

So, now that we’ve covered SJCAM Vs. GoPro basic features, flagships, acessories, prices, support, and warranty options, we’re much closer to determining the winner of the SJCAM Vs. GoPro comparison. It’s time to do the final SJCAM Vs. GoPro step-by-step comparison. Based on what we found out about each brand, we’ve awarded stars to each of the brands for each of the following categories. Both brands had the possibility of earning five stars. Let’s see how they scored.

Most versatile features

Neither SJCAM nor GoPro has any shortage of state-of-the-art features. However, GoPro without a doubt has a slight edge over SJCAM, as they have way more time and money invested in their brand at this point. SJCAM is by no means lagging too far behind GoPro in this department, but they have a bit of catching up to do before they even the playing field entirely.

One SJCAM Vs. GoPro star goes to GoPro due to its more advanced features such as voice command, touchscreen displays, a superior dynamic range and the best image sensors in the action camera industry.

The Best Flagship

The SJ8 PRO Vs. HERO7 Black is an interesting comparison because the SJCAM flagship camera is half the price of GoPro’s flagship. Both action cameras are top-notch, offering 4K 60fps video recording capabilities, six-axis image stabilization, 12MP cameras, time-lapse, and manual settings. The main advantages that GoPro has in this instance are voice control and a waterproof camera body. The SJ8 PRO does not have voice control capabilities, and it requires additional housing to become waterproof. Also, the quality of sound, as well as image clarity, is significantly reduced when recording from inside of the waterproof housing.

One SJCAM Vs. GoPro star goes to the GoPro for again having a slight edge of the SJ8 PRO in overall functionality as well as superior controllability.

Availability of accessories

The difference between the availability of accessories between SJCAM and GoPro are practically non-existent. Both brands have a healthy selection of mounts, mounting hardware, housings, harnesses, batteries, chargers, cables and more. From chest rigs to handlebar mounts and adhesive mounts, both brands cover a wide range of accessories.

Taking a step beyond basic accessories, both brands also develop applications for their cameras including editing software. Also, both brands provide a handful of accessories with the purchase of one of their flagship cameras. GoPro even throws in a free SD card when you purchase one of their cameras.

One SJCAM Vs. GoPro star goes to both SJCAM and GoPro for having an equal amount of useful accessories available.

Best price range

The price range is perhaps the most significant difference between the SJ8 PRO and the HERO7 Black, aside from voice control features and their dynamic ranges. The HERO7 Black is currently available for a bit costly price, while the SJ8 PRO is available for an affordable price. Yes, the HERO7 Black is waterproof without a housing unit, and it has a slightly higher dynamic range as well as voice control features.

One SJCAM Vs. GoPro star goes to SJCAM for having an all-around more affordable price range while still possessing most of the same high-end features and functions as GoPro.

Warranty options and customer support

Another significant aspect of both action camera brands that are remarkably similar is their warranty options. Both camera brands include a manufacturer’s warranty with the purchase of their products. SJCAM offers a one-year warranty and GoPro provides a two-year warranty. Both brands also offer a money-back guarantee and cover the return shipping costs. GoPro has a slight advantage on SJCAM in this department, as they have a much more in-depth return policy, as well as a trade-up program for trading your GoPro gear in for newer stuff. SJCAM, however, seems to hold a bit of an edge over GoPro in the customer support area. Many GoPro customers have complained about having a bad time with customer representatives.

One SJCAM Vs. GoPro star goes to both brands for having excellent return policies, warranty options, and fully integrated customer support departments.

Our Verdict on SJCAM vs GoPro

action camera

So, there you have it, the step-by-step SJCAM Vs. GoPro comparison above has clearly shown GoPro as the reigning king of the action camera industry. However, the gap between GoPro and the up-and-coming SJCAM action camera brand could be quickly closing up.

For now, the GoPro HERO7 Black is one of the best action cameras on the market, period. The SJCAM SJ8 PRO isn’t bad, but it doesn’t compare in regards to advanced features, dynamic ranges, and quality of the camera body.



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