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gopro vs iphone

GoPro vs iPhone Comparison: Which is the Better Product?

Looking to take some action videos: capture an underwater scene, record the view as you zip line across a lake, mount it to a...
sony action cam mini

Sony Action Cam Mini: A Comprehensive Product Review

Sony and its action camera line are fast becoming a formidable creation, a formidable staple for the action camera community, and undoubtedly the Sony...
Canon VIXIA HF R40

Canon VIXIA HF R40 Review: Is It Still Relevant?

The Canon VIXIA HF R40 is a classic HD camcorder, but how does it fare in 2018? Learn the answer and more in our Canon VIXIA HF R40 review.
lady holding a HD camcorder

Best HD Camcorder Selections for Unrivaled Footage

Camcorders have come a long way since the old VHS days. The digital revolution has not only done away with tapes and discs for...
what video cameras do youtubers use

What Video Cameras Do YouTubers Use: Best Cameras for YouTube Based

Making videos and publishing them on YouTube has become a career for some people who have taken up vlogging full-time. Short for "video blogs",...